18 sierpnia 2012

Undead aristocratic punk

[redacted, because old entries are bullshit]

Puffy sleeves shirt - thrift store koszula gotycka czarna gothic goth z bufkami bufki
Wetlook leggings - city market, ripped by me stylizacja gotycka gothic goth gotka strój dziewczyna
Tights - two pairs, green and ripped fishnet stylizacje gotyckie gothic goth
Collar necklace - H&M androgyniczny wygląd co to znaczy
Key pendant - Lokaah naszyjnik wisiorek klucz duży
Bangle bracelets - H&M androgyniczna stylizacja
Black ring - Six androgyniczny strój
Cameo ring - Six legginsy gotyckie
Long gloves - handmade rękawiczki bez palców do łokcia
Laced ankle boots - thrift store wiązane botki w stylu lat 90

2 komentarze:

  1. Fantastic outfit! And perfect choice of color-coordinated location, with the green stones. :) The photos are awesome.

    1. Thank you! I haven't thought earlier about the location, I just went there and took photos, only later I saw it goes very well with my outfit :) So it was a pure accident XD